Criminal Defense


At Ratcliffe Harten Galamaga LLP, we take swift action to protect our clients’ futures.  

Our criminal defense attorneys handle a broad range of criminal cases in both the state and federal courts, ranging from drug trafficking and DUI defense to sexual assault and white collar crimes.

Our mission is to protect our clients’ rights and make sure they receive fair and balanced treatment within the justice system. We want to help our clients resolve any legal hurdles so they can continue with their lives.

White Collar

Our criminal defense lawyers represent individuals and corporations who are under investigation for, or have been accused of, a wide range of crimes, including:

  • Bank fraud
  • Wire and mail fraud
  • Health care fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Crimes committed by public officials
  • Embezzlement of educational or other public funds

If you have cause to believe that you are a person of interest in an ongoing white collar investigation, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys. When we have the opportunity to step in before charges are filed, we can examine the case that prosecutors are building against you and effectively protect your interests.

Sexual Assault

Sexual misconduct accusations should never be taken lightly — not only due to the significant penalties that result from a conviction, but also the collateral consequences, such as sex offender registration and the long-term stigma associated with these matters. 

The attorneys at Ratcliffe Harten Galamaga LLP possess the credentials, experience and tenacity to challenge the most serious sexual assault charges.  We also retain experienced investigators and experts to uncover exculpatory evidence through witness interviews, examinations of social media communications, and DNA analysis.

Drug Offenses 

Even though attitudes toward drug use are slowly changing, various narcotics offenses continue to be aggressively enforced.  Individuals charged with drug offenses face serious consequences, such as incarceration, financial penalties, forfeiture of property, and a criminal record.  

The United States Constitution protects all individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures.  The attorneys at Ratcliffe Harten Galamaga LLP will conduct a full investigation into the details of your arrest and the seizure of the evidence.  We will not only endeavor to prevent information obtained in an illegal search from being used against you, but also seek to preclude the use of evidence obtained as a direct result of any unjustified intrusion into your privacy. 

DUI Offenses

No one wants to see the dreaded red and blue lights flashing in the rearview mirror.  If this situation has left you facing DUI or refusal charges, you need aggressive legal representation right away.

At Ratcliffe Harten Galamaga LLP, we are committed to protecting your constitutional rights, your freedom, and your ability to operate a motor vehicle.  Our attorneys know how to build effective defense strategies and tailor them to each unique case. 

Criminal Appeals

A criminal appeal is the process by which a lower court decision is reviewed by an appellate court.  An appeal is presented through a written legal argument referred to as a brief. The appellate court (such as the Rhode Island Supreme Court or First Circuit Court of Appeals) reviews the briefs and listens to oral arguments to determine whether the lower court erred in its application and interpretation of the law.  The appellate court may also examine whether the judgment of the lower court was proper in light of the evidence presented at trial. 

Although overturning a criminal conviction is a difficult task, the lawyers at Ratcliffe Harten Galamaga LLP will thoroughly review your trial transcript and speak with your trial attorney to determine whether there are grounds to appeal.  If there are such grounds, our attorneys possess the skills and experience to prepare a comprehensive brief and argue your case in the appellate court. 

How can we help?

If you are facing criminal charges in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, or suspect that you are a person of interest in an ongoing criminal investigation, contact us at 401-331-3400 as soon as possible.

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