University Misconduct
& Title IX Proceedings

University Misconduct
& Title IX Proceedings

When young people are out on their own for the first time, the newfound freedom of living independently can result in lapses of judgment with potentially negative consequences.

Facing a disciplinary or Title IX complaint can be a scary time for the student involved, and for his or her parents who are often unable to assist.  A finding of responsibility could result in dismissal from school, losing scholarship aid, and trouble finding employment. At Ratcliffe Harten Galamaga LLP, we work to ensure your son or daughter has skilled representation and counsel, so they receive the best possible outcome, move past this learning experience, and return to normal life.

We have successfully represented college students, professors, coaches and athletes facing disciplinary hearings for various misconduct allegations, such as

  • Drug possession
  • Assault
  • Hate crimes
  • Hazing
  • Resisting arrest
  • NCAA violations

Title IX Proceedings 

Title IX regulations require colleges and universities to take immediate action to investigate accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or domestic violence that occur on campus or involve a student. These allegations can often result in a preliminary suspension or even an expulsion, whether or not you are arrested for a crime or forensic or corroborating evidence even exists. If your academic career is on the line due to accusations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or domestic violence under Title IX, you need a lawyer who can aggressively fight for you.

Universities often hire an investigator to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and write a report detailing the allegations and to make findings of fact.  However, Title IX investigators often fail to adhere to rules regarding the presumption of innocence, admission of evidence and established university procedures. The attorneys at Ratcliffe Harten Galamaga LLP have represented numerous clients accused of Title IX offenses at universities and colleges throughout New England.  We have the knowledge and skills to challenge the investigator’s findings and to assist students throughout the entire Title IX proceeding. We employ our own
investigators to assist in gathering facts, interviewing witnesses and reviewing evidence. Furthermore, if the university or college has failed to adhere to established procedures or conducts a biased hearing, we will be ready with a court complaint to enforce the rights of the affected student.

How can we help?

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